I-Park residency 2015

I-Park, East Haddam Ct
May 16 – June 8, 2015

Shadow Circle explores the play of light and dark. Twenty-five deep-green panels of shaped plywood are mounted at a consistent height at varying distances from the designated path. The edges of each panel are shaped to match the particular contour of its tree. On a bright day the invented ‘shadows’ are meant to be lost and found in the dappled forest light and draw attention to the intervals or in-between spaces. The cumulative recognition of the panels suggests a roughly circular interior. These introduced ‘shadows’ also overlay the remains of a previous piece (horizontal wood strips painted black and white) that marked light and shadow in the same forest glade.


‘Shadow Circle’ overlays the remains of a previous site installation titled,‘Curving Paths’, which was created during my 2011 residency.


Project development images shown below.


note: to protect the trees, the panels are mounted with minimal wire supports and pruning sealer has been used on all fastening points.

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